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A musical and liturgical revival
The organ


Brief  reminder:

At a time of the balances of the past year, it is advisable to return on what will have been one of the happy surprises of the season 1999-2000, namely the restart in music of this vast abandoned vessel that represented until then the cathedral of Marseille.
Archbishopric had already expressed clearly its will of reflation by realizing a vast podium in the continuation of the existing choir. The repair of the organ, which some declared condemned, was going to allow the resumption of religious and cultural activities in this lighthouse of the Christendom from Marseille.

Current composition of the organ (Merklin 1932):

1-st stave - Grand Orgue - 61 notes:
Montre 8 - Prestant 4 - Plein-jeu - Bourdon 16 - Bourdon 8 - Flute creuse 8 - Flute harmonique 8 - Quinte 2 2/3 - Tuba 8 - Cromorne 8.

2-nd stave - Recit - 61 notes:
Diapason 8 - Gambe 8 - Voix celeste 8 - Flute traversiere 8 - Flute 4 - Nazard 2 2/3 - Octavin 2 - Tierce 1 3/5 - Cornet V rangs - Bombardon 16 - Basson-Hautbois 8 - Trompette 8 - Soprano 4.

Pedal - 32 notes:
Basse 32 - Contrebasse 16 - Quinte 10 2/3 - Basse ouverte 8 - Bourdon 8 - Octave 4 - Bombarde 16 - Tromba 8 - Clairon 4.

Accouplements : II / I in 8 - II / I in 4 - II / I in 16
Tirasses : II in 8 - II in 4 - I in 8 - I in 4

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Musical Vespers

The revival of an office of prayers:

The vicar Alain Ottonello celebrated again the beautiful ceremony of Sunday vespers. Titular organist Philippe Gueit (biography) assumed artistic direction of these vespers.
Allying liturgical meditation and musical splendors, these " Musical Vespers " attracted from their launch in November, 1999 a considerable crowd, to the measure of the deep affection which the inhabitants of Marseille carry in their cathedral.

Program 1999-2000:

They were indeed thousand persons who attended these offices where one was able to listen:

( Messiah by Haendel in the Cathedral of Marseille)

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Musical masses

This success went on by the return all Sundays of the high mass of 11 hours o'clock in the main nef of the cathedral, with the cooperation of renowned musicians, as the instrumentalists Jean Patero, Marc Badin, Jean-Eric Thirault, the singers Claude Meloni, Tibere Raffalli, Marc Filograsso, the Maitrise of Bouches-du-Rhone, the Maitrise Gabriel Faure, the Philharmonic Choir of Marseille, the American Choir of Virginia …

(from left to right: Philippe Gueit, Rene Perinelli, and his pupils in front of the organ of the Cathedral)

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Projects for the season

This religious and artistic profusion, to which added the big diocesan assemblings of the jubilee 2000, is going to continue during the next season, in contact with other projects : important extension of the organ, reactivation of the Ensemble Instrumental de Provence (whose collection of partitions is now in the cathedral), elaboration of programs appealing to wide vocal and instrumental ensembles.
Regular information will be diffused on this site.

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How to contact us

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